“Can’t You Just Give Me a Pill?”

by | Sep 8, 2021

“You have diabetes,” I tell the lady sitting in my examining room as I review some laboratory blood test results with her. She knew she had diabetes. Her mother had died from diabetes. Her two sisters have diabetes and had already checked her blood sugar levels with their home testing machine.

I continue, “ You know something about diabetes because of your family history. You are going to learn a lot more about diabetes as its control is up to you. You are going to see the dietitian with your husband so he also has some understanding of your dietary needs. You are going to see the diabetic educator at the hospital and learn other important things about taking care of your diabetes. The four most important things you will learn is proper diet, regular exercise, regular exercise, and proper diet.”

I deliver these words with passion. My eyes are intent on my patient. I am animated because I want her to know how important her participation in the care of her diabetes is to successful treatment. I sit back and ask her, “Any questions?”

Her reply, “Can’t you just give me a pill for it?”